Your personal wellness bot that will help

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FlexBot - Your Personal Wellness Slack Bot

Contextual and timely reminders to keep you productive & healthy

Too busy to even breathe? We got your back!

  • Mindfulness and breathing Exercises that will help you be more focused
  • Yoga inspired stretches for better posture and reduced body pains
  • Smart water reminders to keep you hydrated and going on all cylinders
  • Personalized and completely customizable - you are in control

  • Why do you need this?

    Constant sitting, combined with bad posture, is effecting our physical health

    Sitting is the new smoking

    One study compared adults who spent less than two hours a day in front of a screen with those who logged more than four hours a day of screen time. Those with greater screen time had:

  • About a 125 percent increased risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease, such as chest pain (angina) or heart attack

  • A nearly 200 percent increase in propensity to chronic back pain

  • Constantly on lifestyle was fun for a little while. Not any more!

    45% of adult Americans complain about lack of good sleep

    Mental health issues are on the raise. Anxiety, depression and acute ADHD are some manifestations of our technology driven, constantly on lifestyle

    How does Flexbot work?

    Think of flexbot as your wellness coach, yoga/meditation guru and mom all rolled into one awesome doggy bot!

    The bot helps you with "mini-interventions" that are contextual and delivered at the right time

    The reminders include water reminders, pre-meeting stress release techniques, posture hacks and some amazing yoga content

    No better time than now!

    Try the bot out. You have nothing to lose. Everything to gain! Sit better, drink more H2O, and score some swag! yeah, let's do it!

    A note about privacy

    flexbot is a "personal" wellness bot and we take privacy seriously

    flexbot is a personal and private bot

    Privacy is a big deal for us. All information is over secure channels. No personal information is stored. In addition to this:

  • flexbot is not a channel bot, does not access or join any channels

  • flexbot does not message users unless initiated by the user. An exception is when a user specifically shares some content with another user

  • Contact flexbot support

    If you have the bot installed, just message the bot with feedback - /dm flexbot feedback

    You can also email us


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